Do you support the death penalty?

No, i do not support the death penalty its better if they serve life in prison if feel likes its more harsh for their punishment. Also there was people innocently convicted and put to the death penalty which shocked the world on how the law is enforcing this and killing innocent people. meanwhile people think they should be put in life in jail because its more punishing and brutal just knowing they are going to spend the rest of their pathetic lives in jail. Here’s a great example, you’ve got eyewitnesses for a multiple murder…. You have a confession from the suspect… See ya! Our country needs to start setting examples that our laws are not to be broken, and then maybe enough fear would be instilled within the misguided to not want to live like a gangster, or act out some Hollywood fantasy of a crime or crime lord.. I say bring back public execution by hanging..  but it can be more harsh on them for their crimes like rape child molestation, and terrorism we have to make them suffer for what they brought to the world and lock them up in jail this is why i don’t support the death row penalty

3 thoughts on “Do you support the death penalty?”

  1. Great research topic, its something very important. I always agree with the suffer they need on what they convicted.

  2. I liked how you added some good information about how we shoudn’t have a death penalty. Why do you Think we shouldn’t

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